Research Category: Early Childhood Special Education

Organizing the Home for Children With Special Needs

Setting up spaces in the house for safety and efficiency is simple, and the results produce immense benefits. For children with special needs, homes should have a visual flow, be free of extraneous distractions and clutter, and offer clear choices. You will find the environment dictates functional behavior when spaces are deliberately planned at home. […]

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Disciplining Your Child With Special Needs

From the moment you heard the diagnosis, you knew life would be more challenging for your child than for most. So when you ask him to do something and it’s not done, you let it go. Does he really need you to point out his limitations? Or maybe you fear that what you’d like him […]

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Speech & Language

It’s thrilling to hear a child’s first words. When we hear precious words like “hi,” “mama,” “dada,” “doggie” and “more,” we know that our child has entered a new and exciting stage of development. Our child can talk. We also know the worry and concern we feel when a child doesn’t say those first words […]

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